Assay Automation

The Xagenic AuRA™ technology is automated within a single-use disposable cartridge. The cartridge performs all of the needed manipulations on the patient specimen to produce a diagnostic result.

A patient's clinical specimen is introduced into the cartridge using Xagenic's proprietary specimen collection kit and tube that snaps into the cartridge. Following insertion of the cartridge into the Xagenic X1™ instrument, all processes are fully automated through reporting of final results.

By fully automating steps that are typically performed by a laboratory technician, the cartridge enables testing in settings where molecular methods might otherwise not be possible. The detection technology in the Xagenic cartridge is based on our patent-protected nanostructured sensors coupled with an electrocatalytic reporter system that produces amplified signals that enable highly sensitive detection of molecular analytes.

For a more detailed description of the AuRA™ technology, click here.

Test Cartridge Fluidics Video