The testing system automates every step
of our molecular assay so that patient specimens can be analyzed by users without training in lab techniques.


Allows for easy system software updates, connection to a printer and archiving of system data.


Simple touch screen interface guides user through testing workflow and displays final test results.


System associates Patient ID with test performed throughout workflow and stores 5,000 test records in on-board memory.

Xagenic X1 Platform

The Xagenic X1™ platform is a revolutionary diagnostic system that allows the user to perform molecular diagnostic lab-quality assays in the physician office. With a time-to-result of 20 minutes, this system is poised to transform the way healthcare is delivered.

This clinical platform consists of a desktop-sized instrument/system and single-use cartridges specific for individual diagnostic assays. The system is designed to allow molecular diagnostic testing by users who may not have training in laboratory methods.

Our cost-effective, user-friendly system allows easy adoption and has several powerful features:

  • Easy to use, fully-automated platform
  • Sensitivity & specificity of nucleic acid amplification technologies
  • 20 minute time-to-result
  • Designed for use in clinics and physician offices
  • Small, desktop form factor
  • One to two minutes of hands-on time
  • ISO 13485 compliant manufacturing

Because our system brings together speed, performance and affordability previously unseen in the molecular diagnostic industry, there is now a way to perform lab-quality diagnosis in the physician office or clinic. Our vision is for a future with rapid molecular diagnosis at the point of care, in which the Xagenic X1™ System will transform the delivery of health care by improving patient care while reducing health care costs.

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Assay Automation System Workflow