Xagenic's partnership program allows commercial organizations to license the AuRA™ technology to develop rapid, automated, molecular tests for applications in clinical diagnostics, animal health, biothreat detection, industrial testing, food and water testing, and more. Our platform enables partners to develop and commercialize innovative and proprietary products.

Xagenic has optimized its X1™ system, with AuRA™ technology inside, to become the platform of choice for rapid molecular testing. While our own focus remains the commercialization of rapid clinical diagnostics for infectious disease, the platform's full potential will be realized through partnerships in other fields of use.

Our breakthrough rapid testing technology is available to partner companies who are established leaders in their field, to create tailored products and services for their unique markets and customers. This allows our partners to leverage our industry-transforming technology to realize unprecedented opportunities.

To inquire about becoming an Xagenic partner, please email us at