Diagnostic Tests

Xagenic is developing a portfolio of diagnostic tests to enable rapid, in-clinic molecular diagnostic testing for critical infectious diseases. By enabling timely and definitive diagnoses, we empower physicians to test and treat patients in a single office visit.

We have developed a nucleic acid testing platform based on our novel, proprietary technology that has the sensitivity and specificity of PCR and a time-to-result of 20 minutes. With this ground-breaking technology, we can finally facilitate on-site physician office molecular testing.

Our company is developing a number of diagnostic assays for infectious diseases. The critical unmet needs include screening tests for asymptomatic infections and diagnostics for multiple different causative pathogens that produce infections with the same clinical symptoms.

With Xagenic X1™'s rapid time-to-result, impressive clinical sensitivity and specificity, and the ability to detect dozens of pathogens simultaneously from a single clinical specimen, we have the capability to deliver diagnostic tests that truly equip physicians to provide better, faster and more cost-effective care for their patients.