Our Vision

Mission: To deliver innovative, point-of-care, molecular diagnostic products that enable the best clinical outcomes for patients.
Vision: To enable more efficient health care through rapid and informed treatment decisions.

Xagenic has developed a lab-free molecular diagnostic platform with a 20 minute time-to-result. The Xagenic X1™ system enables on-demand, near patient molecular testing, empowering clinicians to make treatment decisions and provide peace of mind for their patients at the time of first consultation.

Rapid and definitive diagnosis allows for best patient treatment, because physicians can make patient management decisions based on precise and timely clinical information. Empirical treatment of ambiguous clinical presentations, and non-treatment of asymptomatic disease, will become historical ways of practicing medicine.

Our core technology allows detection with the sensitivity and specificity of traditional molecular laboratory methods, with the convenience of being able to be run in any physician office.

Molecular diagnostics decentralization (i.e. moving testing away from reference labs, closer to the patient setting) has been limited by the inability of most platforms to overcome the technical challenges inherent in nucleic acid amplification tests. Xagenic has solved this decades-old challenge by creating a platform that performs molecular assays utilizing an innovative nucleic acid detection technology.

The simplicity of our technology allows for detection of nucleic acids at clinically relevant levels in 20 minutes. It also means our platform is free of the most complex and expensive technologies required for PCR-based methods, making molecular testing affordable at the point of care.

We are developing a portfolio of infectious disease assays, which we will commercialize for use in physician offices and other clinical settings.

The Xagenic X1™ system will transform the delivery of health care by improving patient care and reducing health care costs.

Xagenic Fact Sheet (pdf)